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Urgent Finance

Finance from $25,000 to $10 Million+ for business purposes including:

- Cash flow assistance for your business
- Buying stock for your business
- Acquiring a new business
- Short term loan for business
- Purchasing shares on stock market
- Loan for property settlement
- and more

- Conditional approval within 1 hour
- Finance can be provided within 24-72 hours
- 1 month to 12 months term
- Finance must be secured by real estate, vehicles, etc

This is a short term finance and the interest rate is from 1.5% to 6% per month. This type of finance has higher interest rates as the funds must be available within a few days and are provided by private lenders. Banks and standard financial institutions are not able to organise this type of funds within a short period of time.

Our funds are sourced from our large network of private lenders with funds immediately available. Contact us now for urgent finance. Although primary security for urgent finance is real estate, we will consider anything of value including shares, boats, business equipment, business stock and more.

Finance available within 48 hours.
In some instances a debt consolidation loan may help your finances. Consolidate all your loans and credit cards into a single loan.
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